Monday, April 20, 2009

ever heard of a live event artist?

wanting something different and creative to last a lifetime?  one of our brides introduced us to live event paintings.  if you google it, a handful will come up, and it is truly amazing what these artist can do!  the picture above is from live event paintings by gail fitzpatrick ~ you really should watch a video of her in action.  gail also considers her work to be eco-friendly, here is what she has to say, "I like to think that one of the goals of going green is for us to reduce the amount of disposable stuff we produce and use...unlike almost every other object used in the celebration, a painting is not eaten or drunk, or thrown hand-built canvases are made in Maine using sustainably harvested wood and linen canvas.  I use water bases acrylic paints which do not require turpentine or other toxic thinners."
what a great way to capture the moment and be green all at the same time!

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