Tuesday, May 20, 2008

welcome to the world baby d!

for nine months, ian and i have waited for this bundle of love from our best friends, justin and matt.  we have been so fortunate to be a part of their pregnancy ~ they told us by showing us the ultrasound, we got to help in the nursery, throw them a baby shower, and got the call bright and early this morning that it was that time.  mattie [as i lovingly call him] called and asked if we were ready to have a baby today...needless to say we were in the car in 15 minutes!  ian and i have always called him 'baby d', because we did not know if it was a boy or a girl.  
and now baby d has a name, and his name is jack, and he is beautiful!  my heart and congratulations go to justin and mattie ~ we love you, and so happy to have this new one to love...you guys are in our thoughts and we hope that jack is ready to come home soon!  

Sunday, May 18, 2008

jackie and perry

there have been very few times that i have not met a couple until their rehearsal day, and this was one of those times.  we have tried scheduling visits, but it never quite seemed to work out.  so as i was delivering welcome baskets for their wedding, i ran into jackie and perry checking in ~ and we just knew who each other were!  after many phone conversations and emails, they were just as fun and pleasurable in person as they had been this whole time.  
and the wedding...it was breathtaking.  the ceremony was on the vista of the inn on biltmore estate with the reception following inside.  the flowers were beautiful as usual, from blossoms at biltmore park and i had the pleasure of working with dana from orange cat photo once again ~ i can't wait to see the pics!  chris of mr. c's mobile dj had the party rockin' with all the songs the couple had chosen ~ what a party!  ....but i have to say that the toasts definitely take the award for best i have seen.  we are still laughing from them ~ they were great!  
you guys were so much fun and we wish you only the best...and thanks again for the wine!

'tis the season!

the first weekend of may we had 3 fabulous weddings ~ i will post some pics as soon as i have them.  we spent saturday may 3 out at lake eden with brandi and cameron, who we met last january and have been with them for over a year...the rain held off, and it was beautiful!
on sunday may 4 we had weddings at taylor ranch and in the biltmore estate's butterfly garden.  again, another day that mother nature worked with us and was beautiful!  kimberly and bryan ~ we had fun with you and so glad your family made it on time :)  criss and niall [i finally learned how to spell it!], thanks for entrusting us in your day.  we only had 3 weeks together but we pulled it together and you had a beautiful day!  best wishes to you all.