Sunday, November 4, 2007

forever to thee

"forever to thee" is part of the south carolina alma mater. this past week a tragedy happened in ocean isle, nc ~ 7 students were killed in a fire at a beach house, 1 student from clemson and 6 from the university of south carolina. as many of you know, i attended usc and it remains near and dear to my heart. my heartfelt sympathy and thoughts remain with the families and the community of the university of south carolina. the university president, dr. andrew sorensen, says it best when he quoted:
"no man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent"—from 16th century Anglican priest and poet John Donne. "If I may adapt that observation to the 21st century and the University of South Carolina," Sorensen said, "no Gamecock is an island. When any one member of our family is lost, every one of us is diminished. I'm profoundly saddened, as are all members of Gamecock Nation, by these tragic deaths."

table rock

last week my sister and her family came to visit us from south carolina. [that's us in the pic] all of us hiked table rock, an 8.2 mile hike ~ quite strenuous for someone who has never hiked before [that would be me!] but the views at the top were worth it, and just breathtaking. it was great to get away and enjoy the fresh air and the peacefulness you can only find at the top of a mountain.

angela and james

last saturday we got to be a part of a wedding of such a great couple, angela and james, at homewood. angela and james hired us about a month ago to pull together all of the final details ~ they were fun to work with, and just had so many little details throughout the wedding that just captured their essence and love for each other. best wishes!