Wednesday, February 4, 2009

jessica + james

jessica and james had a great wedding at lioncrest on the biltmore estate ~ check out these incredible pics by angela stott.  there were so many great ones - i just could not narrow it down - so sorry there are so many!  what an incredibly beautiful bride, and the sweetest of the things i love about my job is the opportunity to be with the couple at the most intimate, and personal times.  i am often the last to see the bride before she walks down the aisle, and the first to see and congratulate the bride and groom as they come back up the aisle as husband and wife... and the last to see them as the head through the departure line and off for for the was at this moment that james gave me a hug and said, "you were born to do this"...and he had no clue how much that meant to me.  i wish you both all the best!


Anonymous said...

WOW, Beautiful!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

such an awesome new site . . !!! such a beautiful wedding by such talented people.

Lisa Fritz said...

Beautiful work, we are coming to asheville in the next few months to look at getting married in your lovely city. We will definitely contact you!