Monday, October 1, 2007

go gamecocks!

there are lots of things i love in life. one of those is watching the university of south carolina gamecocks play football. on friday my husband and i drove to my hometown of columbia, sc [actually, chapin - but no one knows where that is]to watch my gamecocks play to win against mississippi state on saturday. we tailgated, yes even at 9 am in the morning, watched the game with my parents, and cheered so much i was physically sore on sunday! it was just a great game...and you can bet that i will be watching them play on thursday night against kentucky. all i can say, is...go cocks!


Anonymous said...

GO COCKS!!!!!! This year will the year for them!!

Simon said...

I can't belive we are in the top 10 now!

Simon said...

Not in the top 10 anymore :-(